Tipuana Zulu Herb Products

Our range of herbal salts and herb infused honeys started as a result of a medical background and a special interest in the healing properties of herbs. With so many food allergies and degenerative diseases, we have to question “what goes into our mouths affects our direct health”. With so many food preservatives and so much of our food being exposed to irradiation, there is a huge movement towards organic foods with only natural additives. Herbs have been revered for centuries as natural food additives, flavour enhancers and even used as natural medicines and pesticides.

Our products are made with the finest base ingredients and infusion is done naturally using time and the sun’s rays. All herbs used in the products are grown on the farm using only organic methods.

Herb Honeys

tipuana zulu herb honey

Pure honey, sourced locally, is used as the base ingredient. Honey is a wonder food on its own - it is highly regarded for its antibiotic properties and is a general body and heart tonic, a calmative and powerful immune booster. Only fresh herbs, grown on the property are infused into the honey. No heat, other than sunlight, is used during production.

Herb Salts

tipuana zulu herb salt

Fresh herbs, grown on the farm are used and manually crushed and ground into course sea salt so that the goodness of the herbs are infused into the salt. The whole mixture is then dried slowly so that the herb salt smacks of flavour.

Our Products are Not Irradiated

Our products are not heated or irradiated. We rely on age-old time tested methods to infuse the natural flavours in our products.

No artificial flavours or colours

We use only naturally grown herbs, which have had no pesticides or chemicals used in their production.

We use only all-natural ingredients

Our products are made with the finest base ingredients and infused naturally using time and the suns rays. Our herbs are dried using a process that retains flavour, goodness and their natural colour.