About Thousand Hills Wholesale Nursery and Landscaping

Thousand Hills Wholesale Nursery and Landscaping is a collection of family run businesses born out of an incredible love of indigenous plants, landscaping and nature. We are based on a smallholding in the beautiful Drummond valley, just outside Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Our temperate climate in Drummond allows for plants to grow and thrive happily. We are very organically aware and pesticides are used minimally as butterflies and bees are our special guests helping in fertilization and pollination. The monkeys roam free but not always in harmony with our ideas!

The name of our range of herb products, Tipuana Zulu, came about because there are two ancient and graceful Rosewood trees (Tipuana tipu) in our front garden giving much needed shade in the hot summers and a bird haven in their branches. Zulu comes from being in KwaZulu-Natal and for the love of the Zulu culture, language and colourful décor.


Tipuana Zulu herb products ~ Nature's approval